27 December 2006



We ate here last night. Not the first time we've been there but it is rare that we go. A Mediterranean/mid-east version of tapas, the concept is small plates. The more people you have in your party, the more variety you can try. As a rule of thumb, about three meze per person is about the right quantity. Note that some of the plates come with exactly four pieces - something to remember when you are ordering for six people!

This is a list of all the things we had last night, mainly as a record for myself. For descriptions of the items, visit the restaurant's website listed above, or better yet, just go there and eat!

To drink, we tried a Greek sparkling wine: Domaine Tselepos, Villa Amalia, Brut. It pairs terrifically with briney olives and capers. It was the perfect complement to the food we ate. The bread is a light, puffy bread with a very similar toothsome chew of fresh pita, but lighter. Try some dipped in the olive oil/pomegranite syrup concoction on your table - a middle east version of olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

From the veggie meze:
Ímam Bayildi
Elies Tis Elladas

From the seafood meze:
Kalamari Me Spanaki
Filet of Bronzini
Garides Saganaki

From the meat meze:
Homemade “Mahanek”
Hünkãr Begendi
Spice Rubbed Sirloin of Beef w/pistachio sauce
Shish Taouk (maybe the weakest dish we had)

From the salads:
Portakal Salatasi (one of the most popular dishes at our table, currently ISO the recipe in English online if anyone cares to share)

From the Pide selection (this is a boat-shaped, Turkish, oven baked, flat bread with toppings):
Karidesli Pide
Peynirli Pide

From the dessert menu:
Turkish Coffee Chocolate
Turkish Delight
Chocolate Visne